Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Night Chicago Died

Installment 3: Karaoke Superstars...

Quick...Name two things that when mixed together, can become highly toxic, and present a grave danger to all life within the immediate vicinity.

If the first things that came to your mind were Bleach and Ammonia, you obviously have never witnessed the combination of aging, slightly overweight food service professionals and a Karaoke Machine.

A Few of The Colonel's Friends Practice Their DDR Moves Sans-Pads

It was Brutal.

I'm not talking about the Off-Key, Out-of-Synch Butcherings of Islands in the Stream, I Got You Babe, or (shudder) The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia. Those were bad enough to sterilize cattle.

No. That's not the worst part.

I am talking about the Horror of The Colonel being finally talked into taking the stage, getting two notes into his song, and discovering that somewhere in the last six months he has completely lost the ability to sing.

We're talking a crash & burn that makes the
Stone's Super Bowl Appearance sound like The Three Tenors.

Within seconds of starting the song, I knew it had been a HUGE mistake, and so did the audience. But I pressed on like a guy who didn't know where the exit was. (I didn't)

When I finished, the crickets weren't even chirping.

The Bleach & Ammonia are starting to look pretty good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What song did you sing?
The Blonde

7:04 AM  

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