Thursday, February 07, 2008

In the Spring, a Young Man's Fancy...

To Graceland King, Reinman, The Blond, the Hermit, and anyone else who cares:

The Colonel was transfering old files to a new computer when he came accoss the following tidbit. It was originally posted on a Fantasy Football site when some misinformed soul had the audacity to suggest that Football had Replaced Baseball as the national pastime.

I will let the article speak for itself...

America's Pastime... Indoor Ball not withstanding, what sport comes to mind when we think of relaxing with our family on a warm or hot summer day? Hot Dogs, sunshine, a cold beverage of our personal choice. Does this bring soccer (shudder) to mind?

When you think of youth sports at its purest level, does your mind really wander toward little armored kids falling all over the grid-iron? Or do you smile and imagine a 12 year old kid, cap too big for his head, tossing a one hitter in the little league final?

Little League...Baseball...Even the words bring to the surface feelings of nostalgia, Americana, Family, and of course, Mom & apple pie. Yes, Virginia, there still is a little league. New dads still bring baseball mitts to the delivery room. Toddlers still swing plastic bats in their cribs. Each spring young boys still daydream about the coming season rather than listening to their English teachers. Grown men from all walks of life, businesses, churches, & bars still gather at community fields in record numbers to play the game in it's many forms, from softball to even whiffle-ball. Young men in high school still sacrifice their summers for the enjoyment of belonging to a cause greater than themselves; the team and the game itself. They play, families watch, fans gather, argue, keep book, spit seeds, and strategize from the stands. All in devotion to the greatest game ever created. Baseball...America's Pastime.

Sincerely, Abner Doubleday

10:38 pm, Supposed to be Sleeping

Actual Conversation with the Blond...

The Colonel: (Without warning, after the Blond had begun to doze off) Hey! What about all the OTHER people in the Detention Center?

The Blond: (Stirring, but not missing a beat) Collateral damage. That's just the way it goes.

The Colonel: Ok. I feel better now.

(Rolls over and goes to sleep)

Thanks a lot, Luke.