Monday, November 05, 2007

One Midori, Two Midori

The Colonel & The Blond have been concerned that with a 75% reduction in occupancy, our home would cease to be the hotbed of teenage infestation & pestilence that we have always known and loved.

We needn't have worried. As The Blond pointed out, "If you get the toys, they will come."

A previous post chronicled the advent of Guitar Hero III as the latest insanity to invade our domicile. (Remember DDR?) Since then, the average number (127) of budding Rock Legends living in our basement has been exceeded only by the decibel level (147) penetrating through to the former serenity of the old people's living area.

Last night was quieter, with only Li'l Penny & Brookie slamming away on the little plastic guitar-shaped thingies. Since "Midori" is the only acceptable female role model available in the game, they both chose her as their on-screen alter-ego.

It was kind of bizzare.

But it was not nearly as unsettling as when they suddenly became very quiet and disappeared, giggling, up to Penny's bedroom.

"What is going on now?" the Colonel wondered, "Why the secrecy? Have they gotten a private cell phone call from a, (shudder) BOY?"

Again, the Colonel needn't have worried.

Minutes later, the two reappeared in proper Midori attire and continued to Rock & Roll all night.

The Colonel, meanwhile, stuffed cotton in his ears, reclined on the sofa and read an old James Herriot book, secure in the peaceful knowledge that everything was still as it should be.