Wednesday, October 25, 2006

She Spotted a Billboard for Denny's

It's official...

The Blond has gone insane.

She woke the Colonel up this morning with the following statement:

"We didn't have vegetables yesterday. I feel the need for vegetables. I'm going to make Green Beans."

"You mean for lunch?" I asked.

I shouldn't be so naive.

As she sat there, enjoying her Morning Paper, Egg Whites, Toast, Salsa, & GREEN BEANS, I had two recurring thoughts...

1. Don't make any sudden moves.
2. Humor her...for pity's sake, HUMOR her.

That's why I can still tell my mom that I absolutely will not eat green beans for lunch.

I just have them at breakfast.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Minnesota Rhapsody

Q. What if Freddy Mercury had been born & raised in Northern Minnesota, rather than his native England?

A. He would have gotten beat up a lot.

But in addition to that, can you imagine how irrevocably the history of Rock music may have been altered?

Check it out…

Ice fish a little put a crappie in a pan
Scare a moose scare a moose
Get you bitten by mosquito

Cheering for the Vikings
Very very frightening me

Minnesota buy a boat!

I’m just a Ranger nobody loves me
He’s just a Ranger from a poor family
Votes democrat with irrationality

Easy come Easy go
Will you shovel snow?
Huskvarna! No!
We will not shovel snow! Shovel Snow!
We will not shovel snow! Shovel Snow!
We will not shovel snow!
Will not shovel snow
Will not shovel snow
Will not shovel snow
No no no no no no no

Mama mia Mama mia Mama mia shovel snow

My Pickup Truck has a cooler full of beer
For me…
For me…
For ME!!!!!

(screaming guitar solo...)

When you think about it, this sort of thing does help to explain “Subterranean Homesick Blues”

Apparently, young Bobby Z. DID get beat up a lot….

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Giving it 110%

The Blond and I got to Vibe down to the dome for a Viking’s game.

It was a day that included, “Taking Care of the Football”, “Having to Settle for Three”, and of course, “Winning the Game in the Trenches”.

Much like they did back in to 1100’s, the Vikings emerged from a big, inflatable ship.

Brad Johnson and team try to “Punch it in from the Red Zone”.

Brad & Mewelde Moore both had a pretty crappy 1st half. The Blond and I hugged real close to cover up the names on our respective jerseys.

For some reason, these Flags made me feel happy.

After a 4th quarter touchdown, the scoreboard advertises Norwegian chewing tobacco.

The Vikings defense won the game.
Click here to see how excited the blond got

P.S. There were also a lot of “Critical Third-Down Situations”…