Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I had a pretty mediocre post set up chronicling my horror upon snaking a Turkey Neck out of a "Jennie-Oh" carcass, but the picture was just so gross that the Colonel was forced into a rare episode of self-editing.

Instead, I present these two less repulsive, yet still strangely disconcerting images...

"Participation"...I still love that word. One more for the
wall of fame...

...and this is just scary.

"Mike & Ike"..Those were pretty good candies.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Slightly New Look

Better Pic...

Thanks to
Coffee Boy for the Original Re-tooling.
Thanks to
The Director & Director N.G. for showing me the simplicity of Screen capture on Cyberlink "Power DVD"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Have Become Calvin's Dad

I Like Calvin's reaction.

I get that from my kids a lot these days...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Best intentions to post family type news events in a timely manner...

Here's some pics from the premiere of "
Doing Anything". (May 4th?) At least I'm still in the same month...

Director & the Bunny Lady before the big event.

Aaron presents his unique Senior "Writing" Project. (I think he got an "A")

Larry & Jenny...Phil & Michelle serve up popcorn & say, "Hi."

Champagne & Caviar at the After Party. Ha-Ha...we're nerds.

The Premiere must have went well...Even the
Professor is smiling.

These pictures have now been deleted from our camera.
Housekeeping complete.
Next time, we return to The Adventures of Col. Moron & his Stupid Dog.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rummage & Stuff...

More stuff from the Rummage Sale. (Sorry for the Clip Show...)

The High School Cafeteria started out neat & clean.

And ended up like this...

Our Old Fireworks Sign helped...

"Receive Faxes EVEN when your PC is OFF!" Little Penny Showcases "The Technology of the 80's...TODAY!"

(It Sold.)

A. I have too much money.
B. I Have too much Kitchen Cupboard Space.
C. It was December 24th...My husband was desperate. I've never even opened it, and now I'm MOVING this piece of crud.

(It sold.)

This was cool, but we already had one.
We're nerds...Duh.

My Mom had one of these. It originally came filled with Tang. Seeing it made me feel old until I remembered that my mom is even older. Anyone else remember having one of these? Ha-Ha! You're old, too.

This is the Box that held Doogie's Prize. (See Previous Post...)

But, the Ultimate Find was this...

This had to be the UGLIEST doll ever made. What could possible motivate a parent to give this monstrosity to their child?

Here..take a closer look...

Graduate said it looked like "A 45 year old, DMV, Chain Smoking Doll."

"Here, Sweetie...Happy Birthday!"

(It Sold.)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sticking it to the Man

Mere HOURS after the the release of the Big News, and the Ginormous Accompanying Price Tag, Doogie found these in a box at the HHS Choir Rummage Sale.

Anticipated Price of the New DVD's: $29.95 a pop.

Total Price for ALL THREE Original Films on VHS: 50 cents.
(He also found an un-euphorianized pre-2002 copy of "ET")

Way to go, Doogie...
We'll probably still buy George's DVD's.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Because It's Good to Be George

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brothers in Stupidity

From The Daily Tribune
(Motto: Yesterday's News...Tomorrow)
Monday, January 9th, 2006
HIBBING — Talking on your cell phone while driving can be a lethal combination.
A new law passed by the Minnesota Legislature makes it illegal for those with learning permits or provisional licenses to dial and drive. The law went into effect at the first of the year.
“If you are talking on the cell phone, it takes away from your ability to perform other tasks required when driving,” said Murray Herrboldt, captain for the Minnesota State Patrol and Virginia district commander.

So there I was, driving down 3rd Ave, minding my own business, talking on my cell phone.

Suddenly, this MORON steps out of his car, RIGHT IN FRONT of me.
He didn't even look. He just stepped right into traffic.

I glanced up from my riveting conversation just long enough to to slam on the brakes. The car screeched to a stop, my bumper coming to rest mere inches from his shins.
"What is this guy thinking?" I wondered, shooting him a poisonous look.

The I noticed the Cell Phone pressed to his ear.

We waved our phones at each other, smiled, and went our separate ways.