Monday, June 18, 2007

The Catcher & His Eye

After the youngest son caught a foul tip with the side of his eye socket, The Blond responded in a way only a mother could.

"He needs ice!" She declared, heading for the concession stand.

Thoughtful teammates offered to eat his ice pack when he was through with it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

No Vogons Allowed

Like the Rest of the Family, The Colonel simply has to post about lil' M.

I Could Post about the Happy Blond & Happy Penny...

I could post about how proud we all are... (we are.)

But instead, the Colonel will post about how impressed he was with the two parents' strength and soundness of mind, even in the midst of a child birth experience.

When given the choice to have a slimy, bug-eyed, tentacled freak for a primary physician, they made the wise decision to go the more traditional route.

Good Choice.

Happy Birthday, Emma.

Monday, June 11, 2007

OK, Peter, I Apologize

The Colonel recently got a taste of his own medicine.

Frequent readers of this blog (and you know who you are, Bob) will perhaps
recall my rant over Hollywood's current obsession with stretching movies out over 3 hours. In an ironically long post (and I use the word "ironically" correctly) the Colonel went on and on about how directors like Peter J. and Gore V have lost all sense of editorial discipline.

It was time to edit the Hermit's Grad Video. Those who watched him grow up, know that he has provided the Colonel and The Blond with an embarrassment of comic material over the years, much of it captured on video tape.

Somehow, I got the idea I had to use it all. I don't know what came over me.

2002: The Soon-to-Be-a-Daddy's
Grad Video: 6 1/2 Minutes. Inspiring and Concise.
2004: Coffee Boy's Grad Video: 8 1/2 Minutes. Touching and Effective.*

Doogie's Grad Video premiered last Sunday at 15 minutes.

Thank goodness for YouTube'S policy of limiting submissions to 10 minutes or less. They forced some linear integrity I did not otherwise have.

Here's the Edited Version. (9:59)

Congratulations Doogie.

*We'll post Mike's Grad Video later this week.