Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Great Chicago Fire

Supplemental Installment:

As I was typing the previous post, the fire alarms suddenly went off.

It was just a false alarm, but Chicago's Finest had to come and give us the All Clear.

When the alarms began, of course I grabbed the laptop and camera. This was, after all, a Bloggable(tm) Moment.

Nothing really noteworthy happened, except that in the moments before the incident, my roommate had finally located a very elusive snack machine, three floors above our room.

This is true. We had been trying to find this machine for three days. We had heard rumors of it, but due to the unique layout of this facility, we had not been able to actually locate it, or even confirm it's existence. After hearing yet another report that it was "somewhere on the 3rd floor", my roomate had set off in search of the mythological device and its siren song late-night snacks.

Again, this is true. He had found the machine, and had joyfully inserted a dollar into its slot at the EXACT moment the real sirens went off.

Strobe Lights began to flash in the halls and EVERY fireproof door between him and the ground floor prompty slammed shut.

It took him quite a while to meet us in the lobby.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Bass think he'd set off the alarm ala "Get Smart", or more recently "Alias" style? (It wasn't a fire alarm at all, but a secret spy device that once found, if the exact change was not inserted, squads of soldiers would decend, guns ablazing). How ever did he manage escape?!
The Blonde

10:58 AM  

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