Friday, February 17, 2006

I’d Like to Thank The Academy…

My son took the call. The message was a bit Cryptic. I knew we were due on location at 10:00 the next day and I already knew I was to play “A Crazy Old Guy Who Doesn’t Like It When Kid’s Throw Garbage in His Yard”.

But now, the Director was asking if we could bring along a five-gallon can of gasoline as well.


So while the Blond and the Whiner sat in a hot tub, The Hermit, The Director, and I grabbed the fuel and headed for House where we were to shoot for the day.

The film crew had been working on the pile of garbage in “my” front yard late into the night.

The main part of the house was occupied by transient college students, so my fellow “stars” and I cooled our heels in the porch for a few minutes.

The filming actually went quite well. The director got people on and off the set, into and through their shots in good order.

The Main Cameraman is an
experienced director in his own right.

The Future Film Student helped with storyboarding and continuity issues.

Then it was my turn

I really only had one significant line. I was to run out of the door, hit my mark and yell something like, “Hey you kids! Come back and get your crap!”

It was really more of a part for Johnny Depp, or Harrison Ford, but I work cheap.

We had some High Tech Special Effects where we tossed around a toaster attached to some monofilament line.

In the final scene of the day, we needed this part of the garbage pile to burst into flames.

Hence the gasoline.

It was so cold & windy, we couldn’t get a match to stay lit as we dropped it on the box. (more high-tech SFX)

Finally, after pouring about 12 gallons of gas on the pile, we managed to entice a puny, little 4-inch flame to erupt on the top of the box.

I sincerely hope the next few seconds make the outtake reel.

Picture the entire crew, cold & tired, huddling around this tiny spark.

“Oh, C'MON...” You hear us all say, ‘What do we have to do to start a fi…”

“FOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!” Says the garbage pile.

Three things happen next in rapid succession.

1. Shouts of “Holy Euphemism!” are heard throughout the soundtrack.
2. We are seen screaming like little girls, running around and trying to remember our positions so we can get it all on tape before the fire consumes the entire pile (and neighborhood).
3. The next-door neighbors promptly
call the police.

All in all, it was a good day.

For an on-going report on this project, refer to the Director's Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stand corrected.You're always true to your word.
The Blond

2:36 PM  
Blogger Reinman said...

Haha, this is what my synopsis should've looked like.

The footage turned out great, by the way. I wish I knew of a reliable way to post that fire outtake on my blog.

(Otherwise everyone will just have to wait for the DVD - available immediately following the release of the Starting Tomorrow DVD. In other words, it will make a great Christmas present for my grandkids.)

9:33 PM  

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