Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Justice...and Silly Lawyers

The State of California removed this guy from the gene pool this morning.

He was in prison for murdering his son's 17 year-old girlfriend because she knew too much about a burglary he had committed. While in prison, he successfully ordered the murders of three more people.

Now, murder and capital punishment are not laughing matters, but I was somewhat puzzled by one of the comments that his lawyers made as they sought a stay of execution for him.

They said, that at 76, he was "Too old and frail to be executed."

When I heard that on the radio, I took it to mean that they were afraid he wouldn't survive the execution process.

I guess they were right.

By the way:
Using all his appeals, he lived after his conviction, longer than the entire lifespan of his 17 year-old victim.


Blogger newsynews said...

No wonder lawyers need 8(or more) years of college. The avarage AA degree'er would never have come to that conclusive conclusion.

4:48 PM  
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