Sunday, February 05, 2006

14 Kids in an Old Church Van

Actually, it was 11 kids (or young people) and 3 adults (or fogies), and the van isn’t really that old.

But we piled in and headed down to the Superchic(k) / KJ-52 concert.

The night started with a couple of warm-up acts. The first was roadie with a guitar, whose name I forget. The second was a bit of a punk group called Eleventy-Seven. Even though their name sounded like something Bilbo would say at his birthday party, I liked them because for the last song they did “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramone’s. (c. 1977) I loudly sang along, drawing enough stares from the young fry to force an extended exile in the balcony.

Doogie makes a quick visit to Fogie Heaven

Seventh Day Slumber was pretty good, if you like that kind of thing, but then KJ-52 took the stage.

KJ-52 gets the crowd going.

Seriously, I don’t even LIKE Hip-Hop stuff, but he was great. He had the place rocking. Even the Geriatrics up top we’re doin’ the hand-wave junk.

I especially liked one of his lines from the “Mt Dew Song”….
“I like Homestar Runner...Best Web Site Ever…”

Confession: That was actually the only line I understood.

Shattered Assembly waits for Superchic(k) to take the stage.

Then the headliners came out. It was fun to think back on seeing Superchic(k) four years ago at the State Fair. They had shown up in a beat-up mini-bus, set up their own guitars & amps, and started to play.

Now, the roadies set out bottles of Aquafina, tuned all the instruments, & unveiled a few million dollars worth of equipment & lights.

What a difference 4 years can make.

They hit the stage with all the same energy they’ve always had, but with a more mature sound. Vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically, the band has grown.

Tricia & Melissa Rock the Encounter: Photo Credit: Lil' Penny

I spent a little time on the floor, went deaf, and joined The Blond back in the cheap seats.

Bottom Line: Superchic(k) Still Rocks.

The Stones, however, do not. I will end this post so I can move on to more fertile fodder…


Blogger Reinman said...

Do I forfeit my status as a cynical male college student if I say "that sounded like fun"?

8:45 PM  
Blogger Isaac said...

I was so at that State Fair concert. And no, Aaron, I don't think you do. Tonight, for us, was all about that other white Christian rapper, John Reuben. Free concert after the Super Bowl at NWC. Rock Rock On. Actually, I sat next to him during the game. Nice guy. And yes, we were in the old fogies' balcony. Those dang college younguns and their crowd-surfin'... They'll put an eye out!


8:58 PM  
Blogger dangeresque dan said...

Heh, the Stones.

5:34 AM  
Blogger mrswillyof4 said...

Thanks for spearheading the ticket buying for this. It was so much fun. I personally think every parent of a teen should go to a concert at least once a year!! You are good til 2007! Kudos to you and the MRS. for everything. Remember don't let anyone tell you that vans aren't great places for picnics!(oh and great pics too!)

9:58 AM  
Blogger the devine one said...

Thanks for the pre-ordering of the tickets! It was a great concert, and all the bands did so well (I wasn't too impressed with SDS, but they are good). The sister should be coming to you any day with my $ for the ticket. Thanks again! It was a BLAST!

1:36 PM  

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