Friday, December 23, 2005

Ice is Nice...and Will Suffice

The Whiner and the Hermit were beside themselves. (It looked there were four of them) They were upset because their Christmas vacation was not to begin until Saturday, December 24th. Somehow, the Superintendent of their school had gotten the idea that it would be really cool to have the only learning institution in America that was actually holding classes this Friday.

Imagine the kids' glee when they woke up this morning to an Ice Storm and the news that school had been cancelled.

Now, I know that the safety of the children is always the first consideration when canceling classes, but I can't help but wonder if an early beginning to vacation didn't play into the decision as well.

I'm imagining a scene between the superintendent and his wife that is reminiscent of a current Sprint commercial:

The Superintendent is sitting at home, listening to the weather report.

"Hmmm..." he says to his wife, "It sounds kind of bad out there. I think I'll cancel school today. That way we'll get an expanded Christmas break. It's my little way of 'sticking it to the man'."

"But dear," She reminds him that he made the vacation schedule in the first place, "Aren't YOU 'the man'?"

"Yes," He says, "Yes...I am... "

"Then aren't you just sort of... sticking it to yourself?"

He pauses..."Maybe..."

My kids were pleased. The Blond and I went to work.


Blogger JC said...

Like...the real office?
(ha ha...I'm 700 miles away, just thought I'd have some fun!)

2:58 PM  
Blogger jac-atac said...

Robert Frost is pretty neat-o

5:13 PM  
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