Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Obligatory Christmas Post

"Lazy Bloggers Have No Readers"

Must Post even though The Colonel is Exhausted.

Here are some quick Christmas thoughts...

Our tree always gives Charlie Brown a run for his money. Seriously...Here it is:

The Dog got all trimmed up with Christmas Bows and everything. She is currently in her kennel for leaving a Stain on the Carpet the size of a Dartboard.

The Jilb & I surprised The Blond & The Boy with Jerseys of their Favorite Football Guys. Neither of these teams made the Play-offs.

My side of the family holds a $20 gift exchange. Coffee Boy and The Hermit participated by exchanging $20 Bills with each other. (Note the IPOD buds in The Hermit's ears. Thus, he was able to survive the family gathering.)

Little Penny said it was, "The Best Christmas EVER!"

Merry Christmas, Everybody.

Next Week, we return to:
1. Pathetic Social Commentary
2. Film Reviews if I Feel Like It.
3. Stupid things The Colonel Does.