Thursday, October 18, 2007

Like an Old Man Trying to Return Soup at a Deli

After a quick meal at Betty's Pies (motto: Come for the Pie...Stay for the Pie...It's in Our NAME so you're going to SIT THERE and Have SOME PIE! Got it, Hon?), the Colonel & the Blond headed up the north shore for some Great-Lake-Themed rest & relaxation.

Except for the leaky ceiling and back-drafting fireplace, we kinda like our little rental studio. It has a huge, ancient concrete dock right out the back door that bears a striking resemblance to an infamous river-spanning interstate bridge.

Naturally, being morons, we had to walk out there.

More accurately, ONE of us had to walk out there. Meanwhile, Miss Gitchee Gumi was not pleased.

I'm still looking for the Blond.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al.... loved the reminiscing ofthe North Shore!! d.h.

9:52 AM  

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