Saturday, October 06, 2007

Black Umbrellas

I have to admit, I have been following the "Death of Lisa Moore" story in the Funky Winkerbean Strip with more than a passing interest. Maybe the Colonel is getting old and losing his famed Vulcanish control over his emotions, but he actually got a bit choked up over this week's climactic installments. (Not that this has become a habit or anything)

Better commentators than I have waxed the elephant about the appropriateness of the story line, the use of symbolism, and even FW's somewhat bizarre transformation from a clever 1970's High School strip to a maudlin, tragedy-obsessed soap offering that would make Bill Shakespeare scream "Lighten UP, Already!"

So instead, we will offer this random observation.

The entertainment industry, for obvious emotional reasons, often portrays graveside funerals in the rain. (or snow)

Where do the guests get all those black umbrellas?

How many of us have black umbrellas laying around so we can attend a poetically staged graveside service?

Does the Funeral Home provide them? Not in our town.

I know from my previous life, that if this scene were to be shot in our local cemetery you would find, rather than a sea of black coverings, a rainbow of brightly colored canopies, with more than one proudly advertising a local beer distributor.


Blogger Jenn said...

Nice. I'm talking about the clip from Smallville. I like that show. I only read it in the Sunday paper, under my weekly story.

tootles! :)

8:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Okay, I kind of skipped from one thought to the other. "I like that show. I only read Funky Winkerbean in the sunday..."

For some reason I found that necessary to clear up.

tootles! :)

8:01 PM  

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