Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Gales of November Come Early

OK, I found the Blond, but almost lost my hat.

The video in the previous post was only the beginning. The waves became ginormous as the day went on.

Scratch the plans for a lake-walk & picnic. Also, nix any ideas about staying in our room, as its ceiling had developed the time-share equivalent of post nasal drip.

So even though highway 61 was washing over in some places, the Blond (who fears NO wave) says, "Let's Vibe up to Grand Marais, just for the fun of it."

But 1st, we had to stop at the guest services center (Motto: We make your Cell Phone Company Look Friendly), and tell them about the leak. On the way in, the Blond and I were fantasizing about how they would take care of our inconvenience. Maybe they would even (giggle with anticipation) put us in a bigger room!

This was their response, which I am not making up:

"Would you like a couple buckets?"

So in true REO Speedwagon fashion, we had to kill some time until the dripping stopped on its own.

In Grand Marais, we decided to have lunch at a popular pizza place named after a couple of Norwegian guys.

Our first sign of trouble should have been the sign posted on the front door sternly admonishing us that they were "Severely Understaffed". Feeling rather guilty about our part in all of this, we went in anyway.

The person behind the counter was, without a doubt, the meanest lady in the world.

It is so much fun to eat at a restaurant where everyone hates you.

Then, to make matters worse, the Blond couldn't immediately find the money to pay her. As she rooted around in her purse, the Lady was wearing a hole in the floor from tapping her foot. Her "huffy breath" was rivaling the wind off the lake.

"what are you doing..." I muttered to the blond, under my breath, "don't mess with this chick...are you trying to get us killed?"

On the other hand, the pizza was pretty good. After chasing my hat down main street, we bought some fudge from a much nicer lady and drove back to our soggy domicile.

The rain had stopped, and it was time for "The Office".


Blogger JC said...

Thanks for the laugh! Sounds like you need to go back to the place in the Dells that you said you would definitely visit again!
Miss you guys!

6:34 PM  
Blogger midnight mama said...

LOL - great post!!! Keep 'em coming. :)

8:18 PM  

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