Saturday, April 20, 2013

Agriculture! Who’d a thunk it?

Lesson #1 about Hawaii:

As a state, they don’t take too highly to the introduction of non-indigenes plant or animal life.
We found this out on the plane, when the stewardess (Flight Attendant?)  happily  announced, “And now it’s time to fill out your Agricultural Releases!  Just remember," She gushed,  "If you bring any Animals, Fruits, or Vegetables into Hawaii, it’s a $25,000 fine!” (This is true.)

“Uh-oh,” the blond said, gazing forlornly at the bucket of Raspberries and Blueberries we had brought on the plane, in a vain attempt to pretend we were eating “Healthy” on this trip.
“What should we do?”  The Colonel wondered.  “Should we try to eat them all before the plane lands?”
Big mistake.
“I know!” I effused.  “I can take them to the Lav facility and flush them!  If urban myths are true, the heathy snacks will end up spewed across the Pacific, rather than incriminating us in a scandal that would forever be known as ‘Berrygate.”
It ended up being nothing quite so dramatic.  The Stewardess came around with a trash bag.
“Hey. Can I throw these away?” I asked.
“Sure.” She said.
Another minor crisis averted.


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