Thursday, May 04, 2006

Brothers in Stupidity

From The Daily Tribune
(Motto: Yesterday's News...Tomorrow)
Monday, January 9th, 2006
HIBBING — Talking on your cell phone while driving can be a lethal combination.
A new law passed by the Minnesota Legislature makes it illegal for those with learning permits or provisional licenses to dial and drive. The law went into effect at the first of the year.
“If you are talking on the cell phone, it takes away from your ability to perform other tasks required when driving,” said Murray Herrboldt, captain for the Minnesota State Patrol and Virginia district commander.

So there I was, driving down 3rd Ave, minding my own business, talking on my cell phone.

Suddenly, this MORON steps out of his car, RIGHT IN FRONT of me.
He didn't even look. He just stepped right into traffic.

I glanced up from my riveting conversation just long enough to to slam on the brakes. The car screeched to a stop, my bumper coming to rest mere inches from his shins.
"What is this guy thinking?" I wondered, shooting him a poisonous look.

The I noticed the Cell Phone pressed to his ear.

We waved our phones at each other, smiled, and went our separate ways.


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Yesterday's news tomorrow.. HA!
Hilarious post..

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