Monday, August 01, 2005

The Spotted Herbaceous Bisy Backson

Ok, We're Back...

What a month. Knowing that both of our fans missed this blog to the point of dysfunctionality, we are now ready to resume posting. For today, we will...

1. Give you a recap of the last month. (unless we get bored)
2. Post some pics for the sole purpose of annoying our dial-up readers.
3. Refer to ourselves in the third-person-plural

Here goes:

Fireworks was over and it was time to go get Aussie Boy. With his plane getting in at midnight, we decided to grab a room on (No link here, for anger management reasons which follow immediately.)

We have normally have exceptional luck using Hotwire. Not this time. The hotel description stated that the "Facility was recently remodeled." This meant that they had painted over the blood stains. Seriously. All this place was missing was the
chalk outline out on the sidewalk.

We had booked two rooms in order for the entire family to get a good night's rest. Our difficulties began when we arrived. The
desk clerk gazed out from behind the bullet-proof glass and informed me that "Your rooms have one bed bed each."

"No, that can't be right. I booked rooms with two beds."

"No no no bed each room."

"Ok, well, I'm going to need some pillows and extra blankets."

He disappeared for about twenty minutes. When he returned, he handed me a couple of questionable looking pillows and, this is true, two bedspreads. No blankets...just bedspreads.

I was incredulous. "What? This is it?"

Clerk: "Thank you...Come again."

As soon as we got to the room, the
eldest son began checking the assorted locks on the door. "Ok, that one works, that one works, this one doesn't, these three do..."

Then he moved on to inspect the window bars.

Except for the smokey smell (We actually went to Wal-Mart for air freshener), the only other disquieting feature about the kids' room was the pattern of bullet holes in the wall to the left of the TV. (Take THAT, Jerry Springer! Oops, I missed.)

We left as soon as possible (3 hours early) for the airport. Everyone was glad to see the boy.

Especially the Blond...

..and the Whiner.

After many hugs, some gift giving, and lots more complaining about the accomodations, we all went to bed. Amazingly, the room disappeared the moment we closed out eyes.

For more on "The Return of the Boy" you can check out the Whiner's blog,
Invincible Persistence, or whatever it's called.

Coming soon: All together again at Chipotle, A Trip to Wisconsin Dells, and the Family reunion. (Maybe)

In the future: More of that Pathetic, yet Biting social commentary you have come to expect from IABTABK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh How do I spell relief? "I Always Believe There's a Band Kid" Very good to see the whitty script of the Colnol.

9:46 PM  
Blogger JC said...

Welcome back to blogville.

1:39 PM  
Blogger the devine one said...

I don't believe it! A post!

Bullet holes? Are you for real? Oh no! You all look happy to see Mikey. I'm glad he's home. (:

1:45 PM  
Blogger the devine one said...

Just reading your posts makes my day better.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Graceland King said...

I like the picture with the blonde the best...nothing like a mother's hug.

1:55 PM  
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