Monday, May 09, 2005

Going Underground

Lately this Blog has been getting a few (four, actually) hits from the London area. This is most likely due to a quick comment I posted on a Blog over there. The comment dealt with the abysmal "Hitchhiker's" film, and I included a link to my own, equally abysmal review of this disaster.

As I was posting my thoughts, I happened to look at the comment above mine. It was a somewhat nicer, but still very accurate point about the movie. The person who posted the comment was one, "Annie Mole".

The name sparked my memory as being that of the author of the most useful and entertaining web site we visited before Becky & I traveled to London a couple years ago.
Going Underground, is an information and humor-filled site devoted to the London Tube (Subway, to us...) System. It is a huge wealth of information that I read almost in its entirety before we went over. Because of this site, we didn't feel like total rubes. as we traveled around the city. (Please understand, we still WERE rubes. We just didn't FEEL like we were.)

I found the sections on "Tube Etiquette" and "Shaving Minutes off your Journey" to be very useful. It was wild fun to "flaunt my superior knowledge" as we traveled with some friends:

"Which station are we in?" I would ask.
"South Kensington," They'd reply.
"And which line are we using?" I condescended.
They would sigh heavily, "The District Line."
"OK, stand right here on the platform," I would state matter-of-factly, "The carriage in front of us will be pretty empty when it pulls up, plus we'll be closest to the exit when we get off at Piccadilly."

Of course, I was dead wrong, but it was still fun. I think we ended up somewhere out in Greenwich.

So anyway, since were getting a couple hits from London, I just wanted to pay tribute to this great, funny, and helpful site.

Annie Mole, if you happen to see this post, thank you for making our trip go MUCH smoother, and it would be an honor if you would leave a quick comment.

P.S. to our regular readers: As souvenirs for the boys, we brought back
"London Underground" Underpants because...

1. We Loved the Tube.
2. They Like Boxers.
The word "Underpants" is funny.