Friday, April 29, 2005


Tonight, the Blond and I are planning on going to see "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", but I'm concerned.

My concern isn't that our son, who wants to go with us, has to work. If he can't get off early, we'll just go without him.

I'm not concerned that we can't afford it. We just pretend that we can.

I'm not even concerned that we will be considered to be a big bunch of nerds for seeing it on the first night. That fact has long since been established.

No, here is my concern: I'm afraid, quite simply, that the film is going to stink.

We were big fans of the first three books. (After that they jumped a galactic-sized shark)
The BBC Radio series was brilliant.
The Trailers seem like a lot of fun.

So, where's the concern? A couple reasons...

Last night, as I was busy rebuilding paintball guns, as usual I had the TV on for background noise and Zooey D (whatever...) was a guest on Conan. You may remember her. She played the blond opposite Will Farrell in "Elf." She plays the important role of Trillian in THGTTG.

Man, what a zero.

Call me a purist. I know it's not necessary for an actor to be a fan of the role they play, but she didn't seem to have a sniff about what the story was all about. She had to be one of the most bland guests I've ever seen on a talk show.

Then Conan asked her if she enjoyed seeing herself play a character in the film and she said she "Missed her part of the film. It's just a small part and she slipped out to use the bathroom."

Trillian is a SMALL PART?
What's going on here?

Then they showed a clip. Uh-oh...I hope that wasn't the FUNNIEST part of the movie. The rest could be like season 3 of "The Apprentice".

It just seemed so forced.

But we're going to see it anyway, 'cause that's the kind of movie-critic family we are.

But do I have reason to be concerned? Put it this way...

In the movie, Zaphod only has one head.



Blogger Reinman said...

I think the two heads is some kind of trick. But I haven't seen it yet either.

(Well, not "either" because by now you've seen it. I'm debating if I want to go tonight. I'm kind of sick, and could you imagine seeing a movie like, say, Episode II while you're sick?)

5:24 PM  
Blogger Reinman said...

Oh, and did you know the BBC broadcast came before the books?

I never knew that.

5:25 PM  
Blogger Jilb said...

I was disappointed by the movie and my expectations weren't even that high. Basically, it was boring.

7:33 AM  
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