Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Life was Simpler

The Colonel & the Blond are involved in planning a celebration of sorts near the end of the year.
To condense a long involved explanation, one of the necessary items to pull this off is a HUGE supply of candy cigarettes.

Discussion Questions for both of the Colonel's readers over 45:

1. Weren't those Cool?

2. Why can't we buy these at the corner store anymore?

Here was our actual conversation...

Colonel: "Man, I used to love those!"

Blond: "Yeah! I can remember walking to school on a cold day and..."
(At this point she pantomimed smoking a Candy "Heater".)

Blond: "I aways was disappointed because the boxes didn't look like my Dad's brand."

Colonel: "Did you ever play "Cigarette Tag?" You know, where if you were about to be tagged, you could kneel down and shout out a cigarette brand to be safe?"

Blond: "I seem to remember that."

Colonel: "Yeah, that was fun. Think about it..."Cigarette" Tag... Not "Sports Teams", not "American Idol Winners", not even "Ideas to Save Mother Earth" It was Cigarettes!"

Blond: (Looking at the candy box) "Wow, look at how happy those two kids are with their cigarettes."
Colonel: "We've lost something along the way, haven't we?"


Blogger Graceland King said...

I take exception to your post. I am under 45 and remember buying them from Arnsons grocery on 1st avenue in Chisholm. It was this awesome store in the front of this old guys house with tons of candy and outdated food.

8:01 PM  
Blogger JMS said...

Franklin and I always used to buy these at Thrifty White on Howard before heading out for a round of golf. The brands were Dinosaurs (my personal favorite), Supersonic (sweet jet picture on the box), Hawk (classic, closest look to an actual pack of cigarettes), and Lions (lions are lame, and the lions on the box had crazy long snake tongues -- wierd).

2:49 PM  

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