Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Sweep Continues

Just a quick shout out to the Rainy Day / Double Deuce Pictures Media Conglomeration on another fine showing at the Annual Bemidji Beaver Film Fest.

The following pics don't do justice to the great job Andie K (Elaine in "Doing Anything" and the Heroine in "Requeim") and her team did in putting together a truly 1st class event this year complete with a red carpet party, paparazzi, interviews, and even an in-house band.

Bad pics by the Colonel aside, the films & links at the bottom of this report will be worth it.

The Director takes time out to discuss fashion with a red carpet reporter.

Northern Minnesota's greatest directors and one of their biggest stars mug for the Band Blog camera.

Some of the "Little People" enjoy the show from the cheap seats.

The Director celebrates with two (Yes, Two...)VIP's right after sweeping "Best Picture" and "Critic's Choice for the 2nd year.

OK, as promised...Here's some of the films and links to others:

Requiem for a Soda: Rainy Day Pictures: Best Picture and Critic's Choice Winner, 2007

Seen: Double Duece Pictures: One of the Colonel's Favorite Entries

ADD: A Dysfunctional Documentary: GlenMike Productions: Another Great Film with a cool tribute to last year's winner in mid-stream.

Prelude: Rainy Day Pictures: The aforementioned winner from 2006.

For more film fest info, as well as additional films from Rainy Day Pictures, visit these sites:

The Bee Blog and Rainy Day Picture's YouTube Site

Self-Serving Blog Post: n. (org: IABTABK,c.2007) 1. Any post intended to ingratiate the author to subject of said post, in the event of Senor Spielbergo depositing a wheelbarrow full of money on the subject's front lawn. 2. Any post containing a thinly veiled attempt to brag about one's offspring. 3. Both (vulgar)


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